Skipping Pricey Perimeters With Unlikely Building Supplies

In some locations, a home or property is only as valuable as the perimeter that it is protected by. If you are in desperate need of a fence around your home or land4, but just do not have the funds to have one professionally built just yet, there still may be a solution. Many types of fences can be created with harvested used materials. These upcycled fences may not be a permanent resolution but can definitely get you by until you have the funds for a professionally-installed design. Read More 

3 Unique Uses For A Chain Link Fence

Used for everything from barricading prison grounds to sectioning off backyards in your own neighborhood, chain link fencing is a very versatile barrier. You may be used to seeing chain link fencing stretched between you and the animals at your local zoo, or surrounding your local pool; however, there are a few uses for chain link fencing that you may not have thought about. Growing vegetables If you enjoy growing vegetables but you have a small gardening area, you may be interested to learn that growing your vegetables vertically can save space. Read More 

Why You Should Choose An Aluminum Fence Over Wood & The Cost Of Installation

Do you want more privacy when relaxing at home with your family and friends? Before opting for a wooden fence, you may want to invest in an aluminum fence instead. In this article, find out why you should opt for an aluminum fence over a wooden one and how much you can expect to pay for it to get installed. Why Should a Homeowner Opt for an Aluminum Fence Over One Made of Wood? Read More 

5 Types Of Rot-Resistant Wood That Make Great Fences

Do you love the rustic look of newer wood fences but aren't impressed with older fences where the wood is obviously rotting? If you are having reservations about using wooden fencing on your property because you're concerned that it may begin to rot after several years, you'll be glad to know that there are certain types of wood that resist rot better than others. Following are five types of rot-resistant wood for you to consider for your residential fencing needs. Read More 

2 Ways To Repurpose Leftover Fencing Material

Getting a wood or vinyl fence around your backyard is a great idea if you want a yard that is more secure, but you may end up ordering too much fencing material. If you have leftover fencing after the job is complete, and if you are good at do-it-yourself projects, here are two ideas of ways you could use the leftover pieces to create useful items for your home. Shutters for your home Read More