Why To Consider A Vinyl Coated Aluminum Fence

When installing a fence around your home, you may not first think of using aluminum for the material of choice. However, the vinyl coated aluminum can be quite stylish when compared to wood or chain-link material. Here are some reasons why you should use aluminum for your next fence.

Aluminum Is Reliable

The construction of aluminum is what makes it an ideal material to be used for a fence. It's very strong but also lightweight. This is due to the fencing material being hollow on the inside rather than solid aluminum all the way through. It still retains a lot of strength, but you won't be paying the premium that comes with solid material used for a large amount of fencing.

Aluminum Can Be Stylish

When aluminum is manufactured, it is created with a mold that gives the material a texture. This texture can replicate the look of wood grain, helping it look more like the alternative material.

In addition, the aluminum will have a coating of vinyl on it that gives the material its color. Rather than apply paint to the fence, which can wear away, the vinyl coating is strong and will last as long as the fencing material does. The vinyl also contributes to the subtle finish of the material, making it feel soft when you touch it, and helps that wood texture stand out better. You'll never have raw aluminum installed for fencing material since it will have some sort of vinyl coating applied to it.

Be aware that you could also customize vinyl fencing so that it is any color you desire. While many stock fencing material comes in standard colors, you'll have an option to put any color on it that you want if you're willing to pay for it and have the material custom ordered.

Aluminum Is Easy To Care For

The problem with using wood for a fence is that it requires a lot of maintenance. You need to sand and stain the wood annually, which can be costly and time consuming. This isn't the case with aluminum fencing. The vinyl coating means that the most you'll have to do is clean the aluminum surface if it gets dirty. This means you'll spend less time caring for the aluminum fence and more time enjoying the privacy it provides in your yard.

Speak with a fencing contractor such as those with Arizona Fence Experts for more info on aluminum fencing material.