4 DIY Chain Link Fence Projects To Makeover Your Backyard Living Space

If you are planning on adding living space to your backyard, you will want to have it enclosed with a fence. Chain link materials are the most affordable solution, but they may be an unsightly addition to your backyard living space. DIY projects like covering the fence with reed or installing wood features to cover the fence materials are easy solutions to give your living space more privacy and a personal touch. Here are some DIY chain link fence projects to makeover your backyard living space:

1. Trimming And Covering Chain Link With Wood Materials

If you want outdoor living space to have warm and cozy finishes, wood is a great choice of materials. There are also many things that can be done to makeover chain link fencing with wood materials, such as trimming fence sections and encasing metal fence posts. To cover the open area of the fence, you have the choice of using materials like plywood, lattice sheathing, or wood slat materials.

2. Making Over Backyard Living Space With PVC Fencing Panels

If you want to have a more durable and low-maintenance solution to makeover your backyard living space and disguise chain link fencing, PVC fencing is an excellent choice. These materials come in many different styles, which can be solid panels or more conventional picket fencing. Another great benefit of PVC fencing is that it can be easily installed in a day, which is a quick project for the weekend. 

3. Asian-Themed Outdoor Dividers And Fence Covering With Cane Materials

Another option that you may want to consider is an Asian-themed makeover to hide chain link fencing. There are many options for this, such as rolls of cane and reed materials. In addition, bamboo can be used for trimming these features to give them a clean and attractive appearance. This is great if you are planning on incorporating things like meditation gardens in your landscaping design.

4. Using Trellises And Landscape Plants To Cover Chain Link Fencing

Trellises are another versatile improvement to cover your unsightly chain link fencing. Trellises come in different shapes and sizes and can be used to train any type of plant to grow and cover chain link fencing and create a more attractive appearance.

These are some DIY chain link fencing projects to makeover your backyard living space to make it more attractive. If you need help with installing fencing or PVC panels to makeover your backyard living space, contact a fencing service to complete your private oasis. Companies like Tyson Fence Co can offer more information.