How To Care For A Wrought Iron Fence

Few fencing materials are as elegant as wrought iron. These fences are ornate and strong, so one would be a good addition to your property whether you want protection or added beauty. If you're thinking of installing a wrought iron fence, understand the maintenance required. The fence should be cared for regularly so it doesn't rust and need to be restored later, which is much more labor-intensive than routine care. Here are some tips for wrought iron fence maintenance.

Cut Back Vegetation

Ivy winding through the fence might be charming, but plants can cause damage. Keep plants and weeds away from the fence and clear them out when they start climbing. Plants hold moisture that leads to rusting. They might even scratch the paint, which further contributes to rusting. In addition to keeping plants, grass, and weeds from crowding the fence, be sure to adjust the lawn sprinklers so that they spray away from the fence when watering plants, so the fence isn't covered with moisture every day.

Wash The Fence Regularly

Wrought iron fences usually have curves and grooves in them due to the ornamental design. These areas hold moisture and dirt. Don't rely on rain to wash the fence. Instead, clean it regularly with soapy water. The frequency depends on the environment around your fence and how quickly it gets dirty. Cleaning the fence protects the paint, especially in the places that are difficult to reach. Use a toothbrush if needed to make sure all the grooves and tight areas are cleaned. After you've washed and rinsed the fence, dry it thoroughly. You can then apply wax that makes the fence look more attractive while protecting the paint.

Fill In Scratches

The layer of paint on the wrought iron fence protects it from rust. Scratches remove this protective covering, so rust forms more easily. Fill in scratches with new paint. If rust has already started, remove it rather than paint over it. Rust is removed with a wire brush until all traces are gone, or it can spread throughout the fence.

Paint The Fence Every Few Years

Your wrought iron fence will need spot painting more often, but a full paint job should be done every few years. This ensures the grooves and curves are covered with paint since these areas are prime places for rust to develop. If you keep up with filling scratches, repairing rust, and sanding off flaking paint on an annual basis, then a full paint job should be an easy chore. Once your fence develops a lot of rust or when it's covered in flaking paint, then it takes a lot of work to get it back in good shape.

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