3 Essential Pool Safety Features To Ensure Yours Is Safe And Ready To Enjoy This Summer

Pools can be a great place to enjoy fun in the sun, but they may also be a danger to some. This is why you want to ensure that your pool is safe for everyone to enjoy. Some of the essential safety features you want to have are fences, drain covers and lighting. If you want to have a summer of pool enjoyment without any accidents, here are some of the essential pool safety features that you have to have:

1. Adding A Pool Fence With A Temper-Proof Gate For Safety

People that accidentally wonder into a pool area can easily fall in the pool. This is can be dangerous for small children or for older people that cannot swim. It is important that you have a good fence around your wall. You may need a pool fence in addition to the fence you have around your home. In addition, you want to have a tamper-proof gate that cannot easily be left open or opened by small children.

2. Inspecting Drain And Safety Covers, And Updating Them As Needed

Places like drains can be a dangerous area of your pool that create hazards for children and adults alike. This is why it is important to have safety covers on drains of your pool. In addition to drains, you may want to add safety mechanisms on areas like skimmers and mechanical parts. Having these safety features in place will prevent someone from getting caught in the drain and being seriously injured.

3. Adding Lighting To Pool Area And Ensuring A Safe Pool Deck Surface

Lighting around your pool is also important, which you will want to add even if you do not use your pool at night. This can be simple lighting that is added to the fence to illuminate the pool area when it is dark out. You may want to consider adding some solar or other type of security lighting as well. Having the lighting will help prevent people from falling in the pool during hours of less visibility, such as at night time. It can also be a great way to spruce up your pool area with some unique lighting features that also provide added safety.

Pool accidents can damper a summer of fun by the pool side, so you want to make sure your pool is as safe as possible. If you need to add any of these features or improve existing safety features, contact a pool fence contractor, such as those at York Fence, to help ensure everyone stays safe by the pool this summer.