Skipping Pricey Perimeters With Unlikely Building Supplies

In some locations, a home or property is only as valuable as the perimeter that it is protected by. If you are in desperate need of a fence around your home or land4, but just do not have the funds to have one professionally built just yet, there still may be a solution. Many types of fences can be created with harvested used materials. These upcycled fences may not be a permanent resolution but can definitely get you by until you have the funds for a professionally-installed design.

Reclaimed Lumber Fencing

Old buildings, barns, and even houses are torn down almost daily in locations across the country. A good portion of the lumber left behind during these demolition projects gets sent off to the nearest landfill. However, if you learn that a building is being demolished in time, you can often get lumber for free. Everything from wall studs to floor joists can be pieced together to fashion a fence by using a good drill and a saw. Even boards of different widths can be attached to a runner to create a property border.

Wooden Pallet Fencing

If you happen to have a warehouse or distribution center nearby, wood pallets may be readily available. When these pallets start to show signs of wear, such as broken parts or loose pieces, they can no longer safely be used with a pallet jack, and they will be disposed of. You can create a simple fence with these pallets, either by standing them upright and adding posts as connectors for support, or by taking the pieces apart and using them.

Upcycled Metal Fencing

A modern perimeter design is easy to create with upcycled metal, such as what you would find from metal-clad buildings or on a roof. These pieces may seem a bit crude at first, but with a good diamond bit for your saw, you can cut the pieces into shapes of your choosing. Further, it is easy to change the overall appeal of metal with a few cans of spray paint and some complementing wood pieces.

Take your pick among the building supplies of your choosing and you can create a fence that will last for some time for your property. However, keep in mind that in most cases, these temporary fencing solutions will not be as durable or reliable and should be replaced as soon as possible with a professional fence. For more information, contact Harrington & Company or a similar organization.