3 Unique Uses For A Chain Link Fence

Used for everything from barricading prison grounds to sectioning off backyards in your own neighborhood, chain link fencing is a very versatile barrier. You may be used to seeing chain link fencing stretched between you and the animals at your local zoo, or surrounding your local pool; however, there are a few uses for chain link fencing that you may not have thought about.

Growing vegetables

If you enjoy growing vegetables but you have a small gardening area, you may be interested to learn that growing your vegetables vertically can save space. Chain link fencing is the ideal contender for a vertical vegetable grower. With an abundance of areas for plants to entwine around as they grow upward, chain link fencing provides the perfect backdrop for growing a variety of vegetables, including cucumbers, peas, and even tomatoes. You will want to plant your seeds or seedlings at the base of your chain link fence; as the plant matures, you may need to carefully tie the plants to the fence for support.    

A living fence

In addition to growing vegetables against your fence, chain link is the perfect candidate for growing a living, flowering fence. The best type of plants to create a living fence are vining varieties that will spread to cover your fence, creating a green or flowering border for your property. You will want to carefully plan your selections and research your growing area and conditions before making your final plant choices. Your decision will include whether or not you want a fast growing plant, such as a morning glory, to cover your fence for one growing season; alternatively, you may want a permanent plant, such as honeysuckle, to bloom over your fence for years to come. You may want to mix and match your plant varieties to have coverage year round.

A ceiling

You are probably used to seeing chain link fencing as a horizontal border. However, chain link can also be used as a ceiling. Installing a chain link ceiling over an arbor, then allowing vining plants to grow over the top and slip through the links can produce an enchanting room created from plant greenery. Chain link can, likewise, be used to build an arbor to grow grapes.

Whether you are using chain link fencing to protect your property from intruders, or simply growing vegetables for the dinner table, you can make your chain link fence into something beautiful.