Using Picket Fencing In A Kid’s Playroom

Do you have, or are you planning to design a playroom for your kids? Having one designated area where the kids can feel free to express themselves artistically, bounce off the walls and get out as many toys as their little hearts desire can make things easier for you. Not only can your kids have a great time in their own space, but it helps to limit the mess throughout the rest of the home. As you design the playroom, you want to find a way to protect the walls from the abuse the kids can put them through. One way to accomplish this while creating truly unique and playful environment is using picket fencing from a company like City Wide Fence Co on the walls.

Why use real picket fencing instead of painting?

Using real wood picket fencing will help to protect the walls from crashing cars, flying balls and flips and tumbling children. Sure, you could achieve the same look using a little bit of paint, but you will not get the level of wall protection as you do by using real, wood fencing panels.

Another reason that real fencing is better is that it adds a real architectural element to the space. Having the third dimension in the room makes it pop.

You have the option of leaving the wood fencing unfinished, or you can paint it any color of your choosing. Think about how much color a multicolor fence could bring into a play environment. You want the space to be energetic and bright, and this project could do just that.

As the seasons change and new holidays approach, you and your kids can have a great time decorating the fence easily. Stringing some garland, beads, or weaving flowers through the picket fence can bring the feel of the upcoming holidays and seasons into the room. This is a fun way to educate the kids about the holidays and the changing seasons.

How do you install the picket fencing?

Installing the picket fencing in the playroom is very easy. First, measure the walls in the room. Cut the fencing to fit the walls.

If you are painting the fencing, paint it outside or in the garage or basement. Painting it before it is brought indoors will take much of the mess out of the project.

Once the fence looks as you would like it to, use a stud-finder to find and mark the studs in the walls. Drill holes through the fencing and into the studs. Attach the fencing to the walls using wood screws.

This is a fairly easy project that has a big impact on the appearance of the room. Not only will the room look great, but you will not have to worry quite as much about anything going through the drywall as your kids play their little hearts out!